Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO – CSGS19107 Healthy soil, healthy environment, healthy community

Good soil health has direct links to a healthy environment and positive community health.
This project will provide opportunities for community and school children to explore good soil health and the benefits associated through a series of workshops.

These will include a Heavenly Hectares event, Introduction to Permaculture workshop, Digging Deeper soil, composting and native plant practical workshops, new backyard insect ID, and Busy Bees and insect citizen science event

Healthy Soils Resources

Beneficial insects folded booklet

Companion planting chart

Compost Tea


Edible weeds and Foraging around Perth, Australia

Herbs for soil Fertility

Introduction to Permaculture – Workshop handouts

IMP Workshop handout

Session 2 – Soil & Weeds

Session 3 – Water saving_Reuse

Session 4 – Healthy Plants

What the Buzz Resource Pack

What the Buzz

Amount Funded – $32,835.00

Project Value – $127,020.00

Project Documents and Media