Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

Facilitating community stewardship of Moore River catchment natural assets

SNRMP 23037

Summary of project

This project will support 3 Moore catchment landholders to protect & restore 130ha of farmland and coastal dunes which will result in extending the WA Eucalypt Woodland TEC & Guilderton coastal dune biodiversity, plus protect Swan Banksia Woodland TEC and habitat for endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.

Road reserve assessments will be carried out to gauge native vegetation health.

MCC will engage with

  • community,
  • local school children, and
  • Yued community

by offering hands-on interesting NRM activities & Yued culture sharing opportunities including

  • planting days,
  • weekend bioblitz,
  • artificial nestbox making,
  • Working on Country opportunities,
  • native bird talks and
  • The Last Stand event.

Grant funds $110,511.00

Co-contributions $278,878.00

Total $389,389.00

Expected Volunteers 1209

Project Documents and Media