Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO 13002 – Conservation of Candy’s Bush Reserve through Traditional & ecological knowledge sharing

State NRM A13002


This project will result in documenting and sharing traditional plus conventional ecological and heritage knowledge regarding Candy’s Reserve. This will contribute significantly to the reserve’s long-term conservation.

MCC will employ a project officer to deliver the project. A steering committee of the main partners and stakeholders, including the Shire of Moora and Dept of Environment and Conservation, will be formed to plan and carry out the project activities. These activities include:

Designing and installing interpretative signs – 3 large and 10 small. Of the larger signs, one which highlight the Aboriginal importance of the site both ecologically, historically and spiritually, as well as two signs which detail the ecology of the site and the natural resource management importance of the reserve and native vegetation in general. These signs will be installed at the entrance to a proposed walk trail which will lead the community through the reserve and will feature seven smaller interpretative signage detailing individual plants or Yuet relevance.

Formalising a walk trail around reserve which will encourage locals and tourists to learn about the ecological and traditional elements that Candy’s Bush Reserve has to offer and also future appreciation of the native bushland in general. This will involve closing off numerous tracks, spot weed spraying and removing rubbish.

Designing and producing a booklet detailing the Aboriginal significance of plant species within the reserve and their traditional uses including bush tucker or medicine.

Running a Yuet and Traditional knowledge biodiversity day exploring the reserve’s flora and fauna and their traditional significance. Will include promotion of booklet produced.

Applying for Land For Wildlife accreditation which will include a detailed flora and fauna survey being carried out and recorded.

Hosting a walk trail opening event which will see a wide range of community members come together to enjoy the reserve into the future.

Project Activities: 

  • Design and Produce interpretive signage ;
  • Design and produce Traditional ecological booklet;
  • Apply for Land for wildlife accredication;
  • Formalise walking trail around reserve, remove rubbish, spray weeds
  • Hold Yuet biodiversity workshop and reserve walk
  • Hold reserve walking trail and signage opening event

Amount Funded – $32,450.00

Project Value – $54,340

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