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CFOC – Productive saltbush pastures to combat wind erosion in the M R Catchment

Caring for Our Country – C4OC

Project Activity

The MCC project ‘Productive Saltbush Pastures to Combat Wind Erosion in the Eastern River Catchment’ commenced in August 2009 with all 144,000 saltbush seedlings being allocated to 20 Moore Catchment farmers. The Caring For Our Country funded project delivered in conjunction with the Moora-Miling  Pasture Improvement Group, aims to turn unproductive saline affected and wind erosion prone land, into productive pasture which can then be utilised in the autumn feed gap, as well as reducing wind and water erosion of the soils and enhancing biodiversity in the eastern Moore river catchment.


This project follows on from the highly successful NLP funded project ‘Creating Productive Saltbush  Pastures on Saline Land’ in 2007/08 which saw 131,000  saltbush seedlings being planted on 13 sites in the eastern Moore catchment. The site preparation and planting techniques used alongside the knowledge and practical skills of all those involved ensured the project to succeed even through a tough planting season.

Funding Amount – $96,500.00

Project Value –

Project Report & Map

The new project hopes to further ensure MMPIG farmers are equipped with the practical skills and know-how to integrate saltbush into their farming systems to ensure resilience economically and environmentally in the face of a changing Australian climate. Tony White, president of the MMPIG, says of the project ‘I was really pleased that this project got funded as it a farming system that works well in our area that can be profitable as well as good for the environment. I look forward to working with all the new participants.’




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