Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO 10023 – Improving habitat and connectivity in the farming landscape for birds in the MR catchment

Funding – State NRM 10023

Project Activity

MCC is pleased to announce success in their application to the State NRM Program 2011-12 Community Grants. Funding has been made available for “Improving Habitat and Connectivity in the Farming Landscape for Birds in the Moore River Catchment”.

Recent projects in the Moore River Catchment have contributed to protecting habitat and improving habitat condition through fencing of remnant vegetation and revegetation, as part of a wider landscape design objective to enhance ecological connectivity. The new project builds on previous work by demonstrating, through bird monitoring, the effectiveness of fencing of remnant vegetation and revegetation for enhancing habitat value. Bird surveys provide information to develop conservation strategies for the birds themselves and for the habitat (sources of foraging, nesting and refuge) used by the birds, as well as serving as a proxy for other less noticed but equally important animals.

The project will provide new baseline data for alternative areas of revegetation such as fodder shrubs, as well as follow-up data from previous studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of efforts to protect habitat and improve habitat condition through fencing of remnant vegetation and revegetation. Incentives will be provided to landholders for fencing and revegetation of strategic sites identified through the project.

Funding – $30,300.00

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