Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

ENVF 46010 – Faraway Project

Funding – Envirofund Project 46010

Project Activity

This project will fence remnant vegetation protecting 139.65 hectares in areas surrounding 12 hectares of threatened fresh water wetlands. It will also revegetate 5 hectares and combined with fencing will create vegetation links within the farm. The protection of remnant vegetation will encourage nesting and feeding habitats in a farming landscape that offers little natural habitat for flora and fauna.


  • Revegetation and stabilisation of creeks at Red Gully (Gingin)
  • Fencing and revegetating to rtabilise Bungalong Creek (Moora)
  • Protecting feeding habitat of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (Gillingarra)
  • Fencing & revegetation of land at risk from salinity (Calingiri)
  • Protection of the Moore River (Gillingarra)
  • Ridge to ridge regeneration (Moora)
  • Wash Prevention on hilly sandplain soils (Badgingarra)
  • Acacia pruning demonstration (Coomberdale)

Project Documents and Media