Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO – CCGL15456 Improving natural resource management capability in the Moore River Catchment

Project Summary: 

This project will provide MCC with the resources to carry-out its aim by improving the organisation’s governance, leadership and information sharing capability. MCC will equip community volunteers with skills, knowledge and inspiration to carry out NRM activities through a combination of workshops/field days, peer learning, and new information resources.

Project Achievements

This project will allow the Moore Catchment Council (MCC) to improve their governance and management performance, and support local volunteers to improve their capability to undertake NRM activities in the Moore River catchment. This project has been designed to achieve all the outcomes outlined in the 2.5 year time frame. The activities have been carefully planned to suit the needs of the MCC at this time, and also what is needed in the way of NRM capacity building in the Moore catchment.
This project will:
– Improve NRM decision making by creating new information resources including an easy-to-use native revegetation guide aimed at Moore landholders, and a NRM advice pack for Shires to highlight important ecological information and help with decision making for future progress.
– Promote better engagement in NRM in the Moore catchment by employing 1.1fteq NRM Officers to coordinate project activities, and encourage community involvement through widespread promotion and also attendance of community NRM groups meetings in the Moore region.
– Improve MCC’s governance and management through having a Moora office, employing an EO, and organising governance training, seeking funding/sponsorship training for a more sustainable funding future, and media marketing for increased reach within the community workshop for the MCC committee/staff and other local non-profit groups.
– Increase sharing of information by creating a new MCC website with easy-to-access information, collate/e-send/print a quarterly newsletter to members and community networks, and create new interpretive signage for Shire reserves; review previous State NRM projects to document progress, lessons learned, and share land managers opinions of projects via video interviews.
– Encourage a long term partnership with the local Yued Aboriginal community through formulating a Yued NRM Advisory group to meet at regular intervals. This group can plan the activities in this project and also document/plan other projects that interest the group. MCC will work with Yued group and Central Midlands Senior High School (CMSHS) to to engage Yued youth through the construction of an Aboriginal wetland garden. MCC will also share Yued knowledge through bush food/ medicine workshops, creation of a Yued ecological booklet and bus trips to Yued ecological sites (Mogumber).

Amount Funded – $210,000.00

Project Value –

Native revegetation guide for the Moore River Catchment

Project Documents and Media