Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

Encouraging community stewardship of Moore River Catchment Natural assets

SNRMP 21099

This project will support 7 landholders to restore 61ha of degraded farmland and protect
73ha of Eucalypt woodland which will result in extending the WA Eucalypt Woodland
Threatened Ecological Community, and create forage and breeding habitat for Carnaby’s
Black Cockatoo and Malleefowl. Assessment will be carried out on Cyclone Seroja’s damage
to the catchment’s natural assets. Salmon Gum natural regeneration limitations will
be investigated. MCC will engage with the community, local school children, and Yued
community by offering hands-on activities to learn biodiversity conservation knowledge and

On-ground activities to include:
-MCC will directly engage 7 land managers to carry out biodiversity conservation activities
on their land. Activities will include fencing off and protecting critically endangered remnant
Wheatbelt Eucalypt woodland, and restoring Wheatbelt Eucalypt through revegetation and
fencing activities.
Monitoring activities:
– Monitoring of revegetation and fencing activities to gauge success of activities;
– Installation and monitoring of wildlife camera traps to assess wildlife present at project
Research and Assessment:
– Conduct assessment and compiled recommendations report of Cyclone Seroja damaged
natural assets in north end of catchment;
– Research Salmon Gum (Eucalyptus salmonophloia) natural regeneration limitations in the
catchment through consultation with leading Eucalypt woodland advisors, local landholders,
Aboriginal community and literature; Create recommendations report of techniques to
encourage Salmon Gum natural regeneration
Community upskilling and involvement:
-Children are the future landcarers, so this project will work with Central Midlands High
School to help impress conservation knowledge and skills through practical and informative
activities. Subjects will include native flora ID, Carnaby’s cockatoo, and collecting,
processing and planting native seedlings.
-The project will engage the Aboriginal community to provide paid opportunity to work on
country through seed collecting and planting activities.
– Community to view revegetation projects on Explore Moore biodiversity bus tour of
catchment to encourage stewardship of local natural assets
– Promotion of all activities through social media, local newspapers and a short online video
to showcase project activities and to encourage more involvement with conservation of the
catchment’s natural assets;

SNRMP funding $150,322

Co-Contributions $239,471

Total Cost $389,793

Volunteers 147



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