Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

Recover, enhance & promote Guilderton’s coastal dune biodiversity

SNRMP 21074- Recover, enhance & promote Guilderton’s coastal dune biodiversity

Guilderton has magnificent dune biodiversity but this is being threatened by invasive weedy Pyp Grass. This project will remove 6ha of Pyp Grass (Ehrharta villosa) through herbicide spraying to allow native biodiversity to return and thrive. Community stewardship opportunities will be offered through a community planting day which will revegetate 1ha of the dune using native seedlings grown from native seed stock collected from the Guilderton
dunes by volunteers in 2020. Children will be actively engaged with a new eco-activity resource and accompanying event encouraging learning about local ecology, estuary and coastal habitats and processes, and local Aboriginal culture.

**Pyp Grass control**

Following the MANAGEMENT PLAN 2016 endorsed by the Land manager (Shire of Gingin) and regional NRM group (NACC).
MCC will:
-Engage a suitable Pyp Grass spray contractor to carry out spraying activities; Target 6ha of Pyp Grass, as identified in the Guilderton Pyp Grass (Ehrharta villosa) Management Plan.
Spraying using Verdict™ 520 which kills the Pyp but not the native vegetation;
-Monitor spraying and publicise results.

**Community stewardship**

Offer a community planting opportunity MCC will:
-Grow/order native seedlings using Guilderton collected seed;
-Organise and run a community volunteer planting day in conjunction with the Guilderton Community Association with community volunteers to revegetate 1ha of degraded coastal dunes with native seedlings;
Create a new Guilderton local eco-activity resource aimed at children
-Work with local Guilderton volunteers and Yued community to design the

Moore River Estuary Adventure Kids Nature Activities booklet;

-Print copies for Guilderton tourist office to hand out to children, upload to MCC, GCA and Shire website for widespread use;
-Run launch event of booklet by holding a children’s and parents estuary nature interpretive walk and Aboriginal stories in school holidays

SNRMO Grant $28,821

Co-contribution $59,577

Total funding  $88,398

Volunteers Engaged 105

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