Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO – CSGL19024 Conserving, restoring and promoting the Moore River Catchment’s natural biodiversity

Much of the Moore River catchment’s natural assets are fragmented and native biodiversity threatened. This project will conserve and restore 164ha of critically endangered Wheatbelt Eucalypt and Banksia woodlands on 8 properties, and remove weedy Juncus acutus from the Moore River.
MCC will engage with an extensive variety of stakeholders and community to organise an assortment of activities to share biodiversity conservation knowledge and skills to a wide audience of all ages.

Activities will include school children making bat boxes, and planting native seedlings, Aboriginal ecological knowledge sharing, The Last Stand 2 and Bioblitz events, and Weed knowledge sharing events.

Amount Funded – $452,268.00

Project Value – $711,461.00


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