Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

NLP – 0647: Moore Knowledge and Opportunities: Review and Share Learnings from Ten Years of Sustainable Agriculture Projects

Project Activities: 

This project will review sustainable agriculture projects managed by Moore Catchment Council on farms over the past decade, and assess the achievements and key learning from these projects. Over 100 project sites will be evaluated as part of this project, with the information gathered extended to farmers in the regions through a range of activities including surveys, video interviews and the establishment of demonstration sites.

Amount Funded – $49,695.45

Project Value – $102,965.00


The Moore Review Project 2017

Case Study

Collage of project farmers

Case Study


Moore Sustainable agriculture landcare projects 2006-2016


Ian McGillivray

Tony Ruse

Les Crane

Neil Pearse

John Isbister

David Glasfurd


Project Documents and Media

Tony Ruse Video