Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

ENVF 40165 – Drought Action for Woodland Birds

Funding – Envirofund Project 40165

Project Activity

The landholders within the Midwest Biodiversity Network are keen to see the woodland birds within their region conserved as a matter of priority and as a component of sustainable farmland management, which will result in overall biodiversity conservation outcomes for the Latham region.

The objective of this project is to protect, restore and conserve biodiversity values within the Latham Landcare District by:

  1. Taking on ground action to secure native vegetation.
  2. Taking on ground and strategic action to rehabilitate and restore native vegetation.
  3. Working with partner organisations to develop biodiversity conservation projects and gain necessary funding to implement these projects on the ground.

The first priority is to fence 10.4 km of “key” woodland habitat within the Latham LCD. These remnants are predominately York gum, woodland and acacia shrubland, mallee, salmon and gimlet. All remnants will be monitored and protected within a Woodland Watch Management Agreement and/or Land for Wildlife Covenant.

This project represents the first action taken by the Midwest Biodiversity Network to put this long term conservation project (running now for two years) on the ground as well as the implementation of a joint community biodiversity programme for woodland birds with assistance from WWF Australia, CSIRO and Curtin University.

The Moore Catchment Council is very keen to sponsor this project as it links with our Strategy, “Getting Moore to the Point” and develops outcomes that focus on connecting people with the environment and bridging the gap between government and community.

Project Documents and Media