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NAP 05N116-04 – Brushwood Industry Development on Saline Land

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This project has a regional focus and will grow commercially valued tree crops (Melaleuca’s) on land marginally affected or at a high risk of being effected by salinity. It is envisaged that this project will plant 1,250,000 Melaleuca’s for the Brushwood fencing industry, providing enough resources (raw materials) to enable a processing facility to be built within the region. The project is strategic in character; it will have positive NRM outcomes whilst supplying incentives for participants to continue the rehabilitation of salt effected land. The coppicing nature of the plants used in this project will ensure that returns are provided at regular intervals over a long period of time. It is also a goal of the project to alleviate the pressures of harvesting melaleucas from natural stands within the region. This will be accomplished by planting a ‘critical mass’ to reduce industries dependence on natural stands and to continue investment in ways to reduce the initial costs of plantation establishment, making the tree crop more appealing for farmers to grow.

Funding – $675,000.00

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Brushwood Booklet compiled by Georgie Troup

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