Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

SNRMO – CSGS19032 Restoration of Guilderton dunes through weed control and community planting

Guilderton has magnificent dune biodiversity but this is being threatened by invasive weedy Pyp Grass. This project will remove 5.96ha of Pyp Grass (Ehrharta villosa) through herbicide spraying to allow native biodiversity to return and thrive. This project is the 3rd stage of works detailed in the Guilderton Pyp Grass Management Plan. 2ha of severely degraded sections will be revegetated by community volunteers using native seedlings grown from native seed collected by community volunteers on the Guilderton dunes.

Amount Funded – $34,984.00

Project Value – $88,618.00

Pyp Grass at Guilderton Video


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Pyp Grass Guilderton