Supporting the Moore River Catchment Area

NAP 05N115-03 – Control of rising groundwater and salinity in the Koojan – Gillingarra Region

Funding: NAP Project 05N115-03

Project Activity

This project has focus on activities to mitigate rising groundwater and the development of secondary salinity in the Koojan-Gillingarra region. A hydrogeological study of the project area was completed in 1999 and identified areas where the largely confined Leederville aquifer was interacting with surface water flows and shallow perched aquifers. This project will involve producing a catchment plan based on this study, other existing data and ground surveys. Financial assistance will be provided to landholders to implement on-ground works identified in the catchment plan, including fencing of remnant vegetation and waterways, earthworks and the establishment of native and commercial perennial vegetation in areas where they will have most impact on controlling rising groundwater. In addition, the project will trial soil amelioration processes to increase moisture retention of soils in the upper catchment and promote adoption of sustainable farming practices.

Funding Value – $195,000.00

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