Carnaby’s and Clean ups in Candy’s Bush Reserve

Candy’s Bush Reserve is a small but important patch of remnant Salmon Gum/Wandoo woodland on the edge of Moora. As part of a Moore Catchment Council’s State NRM Program project to protect and promote the reserve, a small but dedicated group of volunteers from Friends of the Moora Woodlands and MCC got together on December 10th to remove rubbish. Rachel Walmsley MCC’s NRM Officer said “The group spent three hours ridding the reserve of old car batteries, a pram, a fan, a microwave, car exhausts, and hundreds/thousands of bits of glass from broken beer bottles. All this rubbish was discarded before the reserve was fenced in 2013. Before then it was a dumping ground and place to hoon about and smash bottles but now it is a clean and safer place to visit.”

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